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Create internal Signals. Avoid unnecessary computations. Change the signal dependencies
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......@@ -137,9 +137,19 @@ class SOTDYNAMIC_EXPORT DynamicPinocchio
dg::SignalPtr<dg::Vector,int> jointAccelerationSIN;
dg::SignalPtr<dg::Vector,int> freeFlyerAccelerationSIN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<Dummy,int> newtonEulerSINTERN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<dg::Vector,int> pinocchioPosSINTERN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<dg::Vector,int> pinocchioVelSINTERN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<dg::Vector,int> pinocchioAccSINTERN;
int& computeNewtonEuler( int& dummy,int time );
dg::SignalTimeDependent<Dummy,int> newtonEulerSINTERN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<Dummy,int> jacobiansSINTERN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<Dummy,int> forwardKinematicsSINTERN;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<Dummy,int> ccrbaSINTERN;
int& computeNewtonEuler(int& dummy,const int& time );
int& computeForwardKinematics(int& dummy,const int& time );
int& computeCcrba( int& dummy,const int& time );
int& computeJacobians( int& dummy,const int& time );
dg::SignalTimeDependent<dg::Vector,int> zmpSOUT;
dg::SignalTimeDependent<dg::Matrix,int> JcomSOUT;
......@@ -187,50 +197,50 @@ class SOTDYNAMIC_EXPORT DynamicPinocchio
/// \param[out] result vector
/// \return result vector
dg::Vector& getLowerPositionLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&);
dg::Vector& getLowerPositionLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&) const ;
/// \brief Get joint position upper limits
/// \param[out] result vector
/// \return result vector
dg::Vector& getUpperPositionLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&);
dg::Vector& getUpperPositionLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&) const;
/// \brief Get joint velocity upper limits
/// \param[out] result vector
/// \return result vector
dg::Vector& getUpperVelocityLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&);
dg::Vector& getUpperVelocityLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&) const;
/// \brief Get joint effort upper limits
/// \param[out] result vector
/// \return result vector
dg::Vector& getMaxEffortLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&);
dg::Vector& getMaxEffortLimits(dg::Vector& res,const int&) const;
// dg::Vector& getAnklePositionInFootFrame() const;
dg::Matrix& computeGenericJacobian(bool isFrame,
int jointId,
dg::Matrix& res,int time );
dg::Matrix& computeGenericEndeffJacobian(bool isFrame,
int jointId,
dg::Matrix& res,int time );
MatrixHomogeneous& computeGenericPosition(bool isFrame,
int jointId,
MatrixHomogeneous& res,int time );
dg::Vector& computeGenericVelocity(int jointId,dg::Vector& res,int time );
dg::Vector& computeGenericAcceleration(int jointId,dg::Vector& res,int time );
dg::Vector& computeZmp( dg::Vector& res,int time );
dg::Vector& computeMomenta( dg::Vector &res, int time);
dg::Vector& computeAngularMomentum( dg::Vector &res, int time);
dg::Matrix& computeJcom( dg::Matrix& res,int time );
dg::Vector& computeCom( dg::Vector& res,int time );
dg::Matrix& computeInertia( dg::Matrix& res,int time );
dg::Matrix& computeInertiaReal( dg::Matrix& res,int time );
double& computeFootHeight( double& res,int time );
dg::Matrix& computeGenericJacobian(const bool isFrame,
const int jointId,
dg::Matrix& res,const int& time );
dg::Matrix& computeGenericEndeffJacobian(const bool isFrame,
const int jointId,
dg::Matrix& res,const int& time );
MatrixHomogeneous& computeGenericPosition(const bool isFrame,
const int jointId,
MatrixHomogeneous& res,const int& time );
dg::Vector& computeGenericVelocity(const int jointId,dg::Vector& res,const int& time );
dg::Vector& computeGenericAcceleration(const int jointId,dg::Vector& res,const int& time );
dg::Vector& computeZmp( dg::Vector& res,const int& time );
dg::Vector& computeMomenta( dg::Vector &res,const int& time);
dg::Vector& computeAngularMomentum( dg::Vector &res,const int& time);
dg::Matrix& computeJcom( dg::Matrix& res,const int& time );
dg::Vector& computeCom( dg::Vector& res,const int& time );
dg::Matrix& computeInertia( dg::Matrix& res,const int& time );
dg::Matrix& computeInertiaReal( dg::Matrix& res,const int& time );
double& computeFootHeight( double& res,const int& time );
dg::Vector& computeTorqueDrift( dg::Vector& res,const int& time );
......@@ -246,9 +256,9 @@ class SOTDYNAMIC_EXPORT DynamicPinocchio
/// \brief map of joints in construction.
/// map: jointName -> (jointType,jointPosition (in parent frame), function_ptr to pinocchio Joint)
dg::Vector getPinocchioPos(int);
dg::Vector getPinocchioVel(int);
dg::Vector getPinocchioAcc(int);
dg::Vector& getPinocchioPos(dg::Vector& q,const int& time);
dg::Vector& getPinocchioVel(dg::Vector& v, const int& time);
dg::Vector& getPinocchioAcc(dg::Vector& a, const int&time);
//\brief Index list for the first dof of (spherical joints)/ (spherical part of free-flyer joint).
std::vector<int> sphericalJoints;
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