Commit 1604125f authored by Alexis Nicolin's avatar Alexis Nicolin Committed by Alexis Nicolin
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Added createVelocity command

parent 8d6251c5
......@@ -253,6 +253,7 @@ class SOTDYNAMIC_EXPORT DynamicPinocchio
void cmd_createJacobianWorldSignal ( const std::string& sig,const std::string& j );
void cmd_createJacobianEndEffectorSignal( const std::string& sig,const std::string& j );
void cmd_createPositionSignal ( const std::string& sig,const std::string& j );
void cmd_createVelocitySignal ( const std::string& sig,const std::string& j );
/// \brief map of joints in construction.
......@@ -210,6 +210,11 @@ DynamicPinocchio( const std::string & name)
"string (signal name)","string (joint name)");
docstring = docCommandVoid2("Create a velocity (vector) signal only for one joint.",
"string (signal name)","string (joint name)");
......@@ -1172,3 +1177,8 @@ void DynamicPinocchio::cmd_createPositionSignal( const std::string& signalName,
createPositionSignal(signalName, jointName);
void DynamicPinocchio::cmd_createVelocitySignal( const std::string& signalName,
const std::string& jointName )
createVelocitySignal(signalName, jointName);
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