Verified Commit 6b8a3239 authored by Justin Carpentier's avatar Justin Carpentier
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windows: fix symbol exports

parent e9ad128c
......@@ -343,13 +343,13 @@ namespace pinocchio
typedef UrdfVisitorBaseTpl<double, 0> UrdfVisitorBase;
void PINOCCHIO_DLLEXPORT parseRootTree(const ::urdf::ModelInterface * urdfTree,
void PINOCCHIO_DLLAPI parseRootTree(const ::urdf::ModelInterface * urdfTree,
UrdfVisitorBase & model);
void PINOCCHIO_DLLEXPORT parseRootTree(const std::string & filename,
void PINOCCHIO_DLLAPI parseRootTree(const std::string & filename,
UrdfVisitorBase & model);
void PINOCCHIO_DLLEXPORT parseRootTreeFromXML(const std::string & xmlString,
void PINOCCHIO_DLLAPI parseRootTreeFromXML(const std::string & xmlString,
UrdfVisitorBase & model);
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