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[] Add more descriptive informations on the robot behavior.

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# Talos integration-tests
This project is for integration tests on Pyrene aka TALOS-001.
The main target of this package is to test the functional level of various software packages.
The API to access the robot are compatible. What is not currently tested is the overall CPU bandwith.
The adequation between the real system and the one currently simulated depends on the current limitation
of the algorithm and the weights used to in the simulator.
In this specific context PID gains for position control are not the one provided by PAL-robotics.
They are much more high and provide a more rigid behavior that was found experimentally closer to reality for some part
of the robot. However, for now the flexibility in the hip found in real TALOS humanoid robots is not simulated.
# Setup
mkdir -p test_ws/src
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