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**Pinocchio** is now at the hearth of various robotics softwares as the [Stack-of-Tasks]( or the [Humanoid Path Planner](
## Pinocchio features
**Pinocchio** is fast:
- C++ template library,
- cache friendly,
- automatic code generation support.
**Pinocchio** implements rigid body dynamics algorithms:
- forward kinematics and its analytical derivatives
- forward and inverse dynamics,
- analytical derivatives of forward and inverse dynamics,
- centroidal dynamics.
**Pinocchio** is multi-thread friendly.
**Pinocchio** is reliable and extensively tested (unit-tests, simulations and real robotics applications).
**Pinocchio** is cross-platform.
## Ongoing developments
If you want to follow the current developments, you can directly refer to the [devel branch](
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