Commit 3b2307c2 authored by Nicolas Mansard's avatar Nicolas Mansard Committed by Nicolas Mansard
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[C++] Introduce API for Data check.

parent cc01159a
......@@ -191,6 +191,7 @@ SET(${PROJECT_NAME}_ALGORITHM_HEADERS
......@@ -350,6 +350,9 @@ namespace se3
void addJointIndexToParentSubtrees(const JointIndex joint_id);
// Forward declaration needed for Data::check
template<class D> struct AlgorithmCheckerBase;
struct Data
......@@ -505,6 +508,24 @@ namespace se3
Data (const Model & model);
/// Check the validity of the Data attributes with respect to the specification of some
/// algorithms.
/// The method is a template so that the checkers can be defined in each algorithms.
/// \param[in] checker a class, typically defined in the algorithm module, that
/// validates the attributes of data.
/// \return true if the Data are valid, false otherwise.
template<typename D>
inline bool check(const AlgorithmCheckerBase<D> & checker) { return checker.checkData(*this); }
/// Multiple check for a fusion::vector of AlgorithmCheckerBase.
/// Run the check test for several conditons.
/// \param[in] v fusion::vector of algo checkers. The param is typically initialize with
/// boost::fusion::make_vector( AlgoChecker1(), AlgoChecker2(), ...)
template<typename FusionVectorCheckers>
bool checkAll(const FusionVectorCheckers & v);
void computeLastChild(const Model& model);
void computeParents_fromRow(const Model& model);
......@@ -114,3 +114,4 @@ ADD_UNIT_TEST(joint eigen3)
ADD_UNIT_TEST(explog eigen3)
ADD_UNIT_TEST(finite-differences eigen3)
ADD_UNIT_TEST(visitor eigen3)
ADD_UNIT_TEST(algo-check eigen3)
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