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[Doc] Precise output of getFrameJacobian

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......@@ -48,9 +48,11 @@ namespace se3
* @brief Returns the jacobian of the frame expresssed in the local frame depending on the template argument.
* You must first call se3::framesForwardKinematics and se3::computeJacobians to update values in data structure.
* You must first call se3::computeJacobians followad by se3::framesForwardKinematics to update placement values in data structure.
* @remark Expressed in the local frame, the jacobian maps the joint velocity vector to the spatial velocity of the center of the frame, expressed in the frame coordinates system.
* @remark Compared to se3::getJacobian with LOCAL or WORLD templated parameters, this function only returns the Jacobian of the frame expressed
* in the local coordinates of Frame. Indeed, evaluated at the origin of the world, this function would return the same Jacobian as
* se3::getJacobian<se3::WORLD>(model,data,frame.parent,J).
* @param[in] model The kinematic model
* @param[in] data Data associated to model
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ namespace se3
JOINT = 0x1 << 1, // joint frame type
FIXED_JOINT = 0x1 << 2, // fixed joint frame type
BODY = 0x1 << 3, // body frame type
SENSOR = 0x1 << 4 // sensor frame type
SENSOR = 0x1 << 4 // sensor frame type
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