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[Doc] Add documentation of CRBA algo

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......@@ -26,8 +26,24 @@
namespace se3
inline const Eigen::MatrixXd&
crba(const Model & model, Data& data,
/// \brief Computes the upper triangular part of the joint space inertia matrix M by
/// using the Composite Rigid Body Algorithm (Chapter 6, Rigid-Body Dynamics Algorithms, R. Featherstone, 2008).
/// The result is accessible throw data.M.
/// \note You can easly get data.M symetric by copying the stricly upper trinangular part
/// in the stricly lower tringular part with
/// data.M.triangularView<Eigen::StrictlyLower>() = data.M.transpose().triangularView<Eigen::StrictlyLower>();
/// \param[in] model The model structure of the rigid body system.
/// \param[in] data The data structure of the rigid body system.
/// \param[in] q The joint configuration vector (dim model.nq).
/// \return The joint space inertia matrix with only the upper triangular part computed.
inline const Eigen::MatrixXd &
crba(const Model & model,
Data & data,
const Eigen::VectorXd & q);
} // namespace se3
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