Commit 40a0caff authored by Jeongseok Lee's avatar Jeongseok Lee
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Enable aborted tests related to halfspace since #53 is merged

parent 44e4df05
......@@ -257,13 +257,6 @@ void testShapeInersection(const S1& s1, const Transform3f& tf1,
if (expected_res)
compareContact(s1, tf1, s2, tf2, solver_type, contact, expected_point, depth, expected_depth, normal, expected_normal, check_opposite_normal, tol);
if (s1.getNodeType() == GEOM_HALFSPACE)
std::cout << "Abort test since Halfspace is not allowed to be placed in the first collision geometry in the pair. "
<< "Please see pull request #53." << std::endl;
request.enable_contact = false;
res = (collide(&s1, tf1, &s2, tf2, request, result) > 0);
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