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Topic/hip flexibility

Entity which compensates the hip flexibility of the robot Pyrene.

Take in entry the current torque and the desired position of the joints.

Output the angular correction to apply on the hip (delta_qSOUT), the desired positions updated with these angles (q_cmdSOUT) and the low pass filter of the torque (tau_filtSOUT).

Done on left and right hips.

Architecture: Torque (tau) -> LowPassFilter(tau) -> delta_q (= Saturation(tau_filt/flexibility)) -> RateLimiter(delta_q) -> q_cmd (= RL(delta_q) + q_des)

Test uses the entity with a constant desired position which is the halfsitting, with same left and right hip flexibility.

BEWARE the device is set to NO INTEGRATION so the control must be given in POSITION.

Edited by Noelie Ramuzat

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