Commit caeec612 authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Joseph Mirabel
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Revert "Tranform3f::transform returns an Eigen expression"

This reverts commit c2aafe32.

parent 7d0e927a
......@@ -243,35 +243,28 @@ template<typename RhsType> struct quaternion_transform_return_type :
typename quat_traits::Cross_t m_uCrossV;
template<typename LhsType, typename RhsType, bool hasTemp> struct translate_return_type :
translate_return_type_traits<LhsType, RhsType, hasTemp>::storage_type,
translate_return_type_traits<LhsType, RhsType, hasTemp>::type
template<typename LhsType, typename RhsType> struct translate_return_type :
translate_return_type_traits<LhsType, RhsType>::type
typedef translate_return_type_traits<LhsType, RhsType, hasTemp> trans_traits;
typedef translate_return_type_traits<LhsType, RhsType> trans_traits;
typedef typename trans_traits::type Base;
typedef typename trans_traits::storage_type storage_type;
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE translate_return_type(const quaternion_transform_return_type<LhsType>& rv, const RhsType& T) :
Base (rv, T)
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE translate_return_type(const Quaternion3f&q, const Eigen::MatrixBase<LhsType>& v, const RhsType& T) :
storage_type (q, v),
Base (this->store_lhs, T)
template<typename Derived, typename OtherDerived>
const translate_return_type<Derived, OtherDerived, false>
const translate_return_type<Derived, OtherDerived>
operator+ (const quaternion_transform_return_type<Derived>& rv,
const Eigen::MatrixBase<OtherDerived>& T)
return translate_return_type<Derived, OtherDerived, false>(rv, T.derived());
return translate_return_type<Derived, OtherDerived>(rv, T.derived());
template<typename Derived>
......@@ -429,9 +422,9 @@ public:
/// @brief transform a given vector by the transform
template <typename Derived>
inline const translate_return_type<Derived, Vec3f, true> transform(const Eigen::MatrixBase<Derived>& v) const
inline Vec3f transform(const Eigen::MatrixBase<Derived>& v) const
return translate_return_type<Derived, Vec3f, true>(q, v, T);
return q.transform(v) + T;
/// @brief inverse transform
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