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Add documentation.

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......@@ -158,6 +158,12 @@ bool GJKCollide(void* obj1, ccd_support_fn supp1, ccd_center_fn cen1,
unsigned int max_iterations, FCL_REAL tolerance,
Vec3f* contact_points, FCL_REAL* penetration_depth, Vec3f* normal);
/// Distance computation between objects using GJK algorithm
/// \param obj1, obj2 objects to compute the distance between,
/// \param supp1, supp2, support functions of each object,
/// \retval p1, p2 closest points on objects in global frame,
/// \retval dist distance between objects,
/// \return whether distance is non negative (no collision).
bool GJKDistance(void* obj1, ccd_support_fn supp1,
void* obj2, ccd_support_fn supp2,
unsigned int max_iterations, FCL_REAL tolerance,
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