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    Fix formatting of the repo. (#82) · 069aea99
    Denis Štogl authored
    * add pre commit configuration
    * Updated clang-format
    * Added corrected files
    * Revert to master
    * Starting new CI configuration with pre-commit-hooks
    * Add clang format config - copied from ament-clang-format
    * Update action setup
    * Update version of hooks
    * Remove double pre-commit configuration
    * Update deprecated hook.
    * Update linters and formating configuration
    * Braces are allways in the new line
    * Updatd all line lengths to 100
    * Add cpp lint option to ignore braces after else
    * Put clang-format first to reduce cpplint and cppcheck errors
    * Update build times and small error in setup
    * Reformat all repo files
    * Update configuration to ignore chnagelogs
    * Update python line length to 99
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