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Add OwnTech MCUBOOT support - Add USB console - Add USB image transfer

Jean Alinei requested to merge bootloader_overhaul into main

Major MR

Zephyr point of view :

  • Add Support for USB console
  • Add Support for Program upload using USB
  • Flash map modified to include OwnTech MCUBOOT, Prog 0, Prog 1, and non volatile storage

PlatformIO point of view :

  • Add Support for flashing OwnTech MCUBOOT without manual steps
  • Add Support for flashing over USB using MCUMgr without manual steps
  • Add Support for launching GUIConfig without manual steps
  • Add Support for multiple OwnTech SPIN program upload using unique USB identifier

IDE point of view :

  • Hiding non developper files by default

Testing procedure

  • Take a brand new OwnTech SPIN or a used one with a blanked flash (can be done with STMPROG)

  • Connect a STLink and use Platformio actions to upload and flash OwnTech MCUBOOT

  • When done disconnect the STLINK you won't need it anymore !

  • Press simultaneously BOOT and RESET button on SPIN until user LED shines

  • Compile and upload current project. It should download few dependencies and upload sloowly (~2.5kB/s)

  • Congrats ! you can now develop and upload new programs based on that core without need of the STLINK

  • No need to press BOOT button anymore (except for recovery)

  • From now on you should obtain upload speeds of about 10 to 12kB/s

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