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[readme] Add solution for bf+sc problem with TeXLive. Add small descriptions to format files

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......@@ -6,12 +6,24 @@ Local: `make` (compile project), `make read` (open the result PDF file).
Overleaf: In local, run `zip -r * -x '*.git*' -x 'Makefile' -x 'main.pdf' -x ''` and select Upload Project with ``.
## Files that needs to be modified
## Files structures
- main.tex
- chapters/
- figures/
- biblio.bib
- Style
- `tlsflyleaf*`: cover page format
- `StyleThese*`: main content format
- `FormatAndDefs.tex`: useful packages and settings
- Content
- `main.tex`
- `chapters/`
- `figures/`
- `biblio.bib`
## Known issues
- Bold small caps for author's name is only bold when using Tex Live version >= 2020 (tested on Overleaf). To get around of this:
- Use older version of Tex Live. For Overleaf, change it in project settings, 2019 works fine.
- Or use normal small caps, remove `\textbf` before `\textsc{\@author}` in `tlsflyleaf.sty` (2 locations).
## Other version
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