Commit 38db5ea8 authored by Ellon Mendes's avatar Ellon Mendes
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[These] Add command to fix problem with minitoc and nomencl

When using \printnomenclature from nomencl, the chapter's mini table of contents
appears shifted by one chapter (minitoc from chapter 1 in chapter 2, and so
on). Adding /mtcfixnomenclature fixes the problem in these cases.

Added comment to inform user of the problem and when to use the fix.
parent a775cc2d
......@@ -47,6 +47,14 @@ A faire en dernier :-)
% Use \mtcfixnomenclature below if you have a glossary (added with
% \printnomenclature above) and you're see a shift in the mini-table of
% contents at the begining of each chapter (example: no mini-toc in chapter 1;
% mini-toc of chapter 1 appearing in chapter 2; and so on).
% You should not use \mtcfixnomenclature if you have no glossary (that means,
% if you don't use \printnomenclature or if your glossary is empty).
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