Commit df7b764e authored by Carlos Mastalli's avatar Carlos Mastalli
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[cleanup] Formatted the code

parent 620dfbe4
......@@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ from argparse import ArgumentParser
from . import robots_loader
'anymal', 'anymal_kinova', 'hyq', 'solo', 'solo12', 'talos', 'talos_arm', 'talos_legs', 'kinova','tiago', 'tiago_no_hand', 'icub', 'ur5'
'anymal', 'anymal_kinova', 'hyq', 'solo', 'solo12', 'talos', 'talos_arm', 'talos_legs', 'kinova', 'tiago',
'tiago_no_hand', 'icub', 'ur5'
parser = ArgumentParser()
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ def loadANYmal(withArm=None):
if withArm is None:
URDF_FILENAME = "anymal.urdf"
SRDF_FILENAME = "anymal.srdf"
elif withArm is "kinova":
elif withArm == "kinova":
URDF_FILENAME = "anymal-kinova.urdf"
SRDF_FILENAME = "anymal-kinova.srdf"
URDF_SUBPATH = "/anymal_b_simple_description/robots/" + URDF_FILENAME
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