Commit bf046c10 authored by Carlos Mastalli's avatar Carlos Mastalli
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[kinova] Changed the default configuration of the kinova robot

parent c69dd9f4
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<robot name="kinova">
<end_effector name="lf_foot" parent_link="LF_FOOT" group="lf_leg" />
<group name="end_effector">
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_1" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_2" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_3" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_4" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_5" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_5" />
<chain base_link="base" tip_link="j2s6s200_end_effector" />
<end_effector name="end_effector" parent_link="j2s6s200_end_effector" group="end_effector" />
<group_state name="half_sitting">
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_1" value="0." />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_1" value="1.5707" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_2" value="2.618" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_3" value="-1.5707" />
<joint name="j2s6s200_joint_4" value="3.1415" />
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