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romeo: add robot description

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for i in `find . -name '*.wrl'`; do
meshlabserver -i $i -o `pwd`/$(echo `basename $i` | sed 's|.wrl$|.dae|')
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
Aldebaran Robotics Romeo SRDF model
This file defines semantics group of joints.
It is an alternative way of specifying semantics on the robot
It also provides:
- the half-sitting robot state,
TODO: - add the grippers
TODO: - the set of interesting collision pairs
<robot name="romeo">
<!-- Romeo groups -->
<!-- To remove when the grippers will be added
<group name="r_arm">
<chain base_link="torso" tip_link="r_gripper"/>
<group name="l_arm">
<chain base_link="torso" tip_link="l_gripper"/>
<group name="r_leg">
<chain base_link="base_link" tip_link="r_sole"/>
<group name="l_leg">
<chain base_link="base_link" tip_link="l_sole"/>
<!-- To remove when the grippers will be added
<group name="arms">
<group name="l_arm"/>
<group name="r_arm"/>
<group name="all">
<!-- Romeo end effector -->
<!-- To remove when the grippers will be added
<end_effector name="r_arm" parent_link="r_gripper" group="r_arm"/>
<end_effector name="l_arm" parent_link="l_gripper" group="l_arm"/>
<end_effector name="r_leg" parent_link="r_sole" group="r_leg"/>
<end_effector name="l_leg" parent_link="l_sole" group="l_leg"/>
<!-- Romeo pre-defined states -->
<!-- Romeo pre-defined states -->
<group_state name="half_sitting" group="all">
<joint name="TrunkYaw" value="0" />
<joint name="NeckYaw" value="0" />
<joint name="NeckPitch" value="0" />
<joint name="HeadPitch" value="0" />
<joint name="HeadRoll" value="0" />
<joint name="LShoulderPitch" value="1.5" />
<joint name="LShoulderYaw" value="0.6" />
<joint name="LElbowRoll" value="-0.5" />
<joint name="LElbowYaw" value="-1.05" />
<joint name="LWristRoll" value="-0.4" />
<joint name="LWristYaw" value="-0.3" />
<joint name="LWristPitch" value="-0.2" />
<joint name="RShoulderPitch" value="1.5" />
<joint name="RShoulderYaw" value="-0.6" />
<joint name="RElbowRoll" value="0.5" />
<joint name="RElbowYaw" value="1.05" />
<joint name="RWristRoll" value="-0.4" />
<joint name="RWristYaw" value="-0.3" />
<joint name="RWristPitch" value="-0.2" />
<joint name="LHipYaw" value="0" />
<joint name="LHipRoll" value="0" />
<joint name="LHipPitch" value="-0.3490658" />
<joint name="LKneePitch" value="0.6981317" />
<joint name="LAnklePitch" value="-0.3490658" />
<joint name="LAnkleRoll" value="0" />
<joint name="LToePitch" value="0" />
<joint name="RHipYaw" value="0" />
<joint name="RHipRoll" value="0" />
<joint name="RHipPitch" value="-0.3490658" />
<joint name="RKneePitch" value="0.6981317" />
<joint name="RAnklePitch" value="-0.3490658" />
<joint name="RAnkleRoll" value="0" />
<joint name="RToePitch" value="0" />
<joint name="LEyeYaw" value="0" />
<joint name="LEyePitch" value="0" />
<joint name="REyeYaw" value="0" />
<joint name="REyePitch" value="0" />
<size height="0.1935" width="0.121" depth="0.0684" />
<anklePosition x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0684" />
<size height="0.1935" width="0.121" depth="0.0684" />
<anklePosition x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0684" />
urdf files have been checkout from Aldebaran repository
v 0.0.9
It has not been possible for now to synchronize with Aldebaran repository for the following reasons :
- we need a romeo_small version of the robot (mostly without fingers), change between romeo and romeo_small could be checked with a simple diff since they are build from the same model
- Aldebaran and sot convention differ so it has been needed to change the model :
- Aldebaran model defines a joint named "base_joint", this name is already used inside sot and could not be redefined. This "base_joint" has been renamed "waist".
- Aldebaran model considers trunkYaw from torso to body and we need trunkYaw from body to torso as it is represented below, so the model has been changed accordingly
Romeo Aldebaran
base_link --- base_joint ---> torso --- trunkYaw --> body
Romeo sot
base_link -- waist --> body -- trunkYaw --> torso
If you want to check the model, you can use urdf_to_graphiz to get an image of the urdf tree.
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