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      OS X does not have realpath (#342) · a449c75f
      snoe925 authored
      Check that realpath is present.  OS X doesn't have realpath.  The RPi builds on Docker for Mac if you increase the VM size. I am using 256G for my image.  See the Docker for Mac preferences.
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      Update release notes · 80d48668
      Serge Schneider authored
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      Update release notes · 5780006e
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      Use parted for partitioning (#285) · 99f702f0
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      Previously, fdisk was used by sending commands into its stdin, which is
      not very robust (since it heavily relies on the interactive prompts
      offered by fdisk as well as the default values it offers, which seem
      prone to changing in future version).
      It seems likely that in the past, fdisk was easier than parted since it
      provides default values that make it easier to create adjacent
      partitions, without precalculating all positions in the script. However
      now that partitions are manually being aligned, all data must be
      calculated anyway.
      This commit changes the partition generation to use parted rather than
      fdisk. For this, it rewrites various calculations and renames variables
      to be easier to read as well. All values are now in number of bytes,
      rather than mixing bytes and sectors.
      This commit also makes makes sure that the boot partition and root
      partition are always adjacent (previously the root partition was aligned
      without also rounding the boot partition size, leaving some empty space
      in between).
      As a side effect of using parted, this also causes the "bootcode" part
      of the MBR to be filled with some default x86 bootcode. This is totally
      irrelevant for booting the Raspberry Pi, but it does prevent triggering
      a bug in parted. When using parted to change the partition table (e.g.
      when resizing the root partition on first boot by raspi-config's
      init_resize.sh), the disk identifier would be changed due to this bug,
      which would change the PARTUUID of all partitions. The init_resize.sh
      script would work around this by updating the PARTUUID in e.g. fstab,
      but that's fragile at best.  This commit prevents the bug from
      triggering and keeps the disk identifier the same.
      See https://debbugs.gnu.org/35714 for details about this parted bug.
      This commit fixes #284.
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      Update release notes · 6538d5ba
      Serge Schneider authored
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      Update config.txt to replace lirc-rpi with gpio-ir (#328) · 65278075
      fpicalausa authored
      The example for enabling IR transmission in `/boot/config.txt` is still using the deprecated `lirc-rpi` overlay. 
      The documentation in `/boot/overlays/README` indicates that this overlay has been deprecated in favor of `gpio-ir` / `gpio-ir-tx`.
      This updates the actual config.txt to suggest `gpio-ir` instead of `lirc-rpi`.
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