Commit bdbd8589 authored by Serge Schneider's avatar Serge Schneider
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Update MagPi URL scheme

parent ca31aef1
#!/bin/sh -e
magpi_latest="$(curl "$magpi_loc/?C=M;O=D" -s | grep "$magpi_regex" -m 1 -o | head -n 1)"
magpi_loc="$(curl -s"
magpi_latest="$(echo "$magpi_loc" | grep "$magpi_regex" -m 1 -o)"
if [ ! -f "files/$magpi_latest" ]; then
find files/ -regextype grep -regex "files/$magpi_regex" -delete
wget "$magpi_loc/$magpi_latest" -O "files/$magpi_latest"
wget "$magpi_loc" -O "files/$magpi_latest"
file "files/$magpi_latest" | grep -q "PDF document"
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