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Update instructions to use Thymio

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......@@ -29,6 +29,19 @@ On other Linux distribution, you need to install Docker to build the image.
The built image can be found in the `deploy` directory.
## Thymio
Thymio Suite is installed on this image, you can launch it with the desktop
shortcut and you should be able to use VPL and Aseba easily, however Blockly and
Scratch won't work with Thymio Suite (see #1).
A workaround is to use Blockly web-based interface, you can run it with the Blockly
desktop shortcut. The shortcut will launch thymio-device-manager before running
Blockly which is needed for Thymio to communicate with the web interface. It
should work fine, but if Blockly fails to find Thymio, consider running `thymio-device-manager`
in a terminal before running Blockly.
## Dependencies
pi-gen runs on Debian based operating systems. Currently it is only supported on
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