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Update release notes

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* Raspberry Pi Configuration - screen blanking setting disabled if Xscreensaver is installed
* Bug fix - switch to turn off VNC server in Raspberry Pi Configuration has no effect
* Bug fix - fix %20 characters in file names
* Linux kernel 4.19.97
* Raspberry Pi firmware 2efcd0bb3848640e385c894b22551f0d32761bf8
- gencmd: Fix measure_clock name for CLOCK_OUTPUT_108
- mmal isp: Remote alignment requirements for RGB24 formats
- Add missing flags for VC_IMAGE_PROP_YUVUV_4K_CHROMA_ALIGN
* Version 3.2.6 of Thonny included - significant improvements in speed, particularly when debugging
* Version 1.0.4 of Scratch 3 included - adds new "display stage" and "display sprite" blocks to SenseHAT extension, and loading of files from command line
......@@ -23,8 +30,8 @@ UNRELEASED:
* Ctrl-Alt-Del and Ctrl-Alt-End shortcuts added to open shutdown options box
* Ctrl-Shift-Esc shortcut added to open task manager
* Enabled NEON routines in OpenSSL
* Linux kernel 4.19.93
* Raspberry Pi firmware 67392a7a32bddad7f571047fccafca9eeb65d29c
* Linux kernel 4.19.97
* Raspberry Pi firmware 149cd7f0487e08e148efe604f8d4d359541cecf4
* rpi-eeprom included
- This will automatically update the SPI EEPROM on the Raspberry Pi 4 to the latest stable version.
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