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......@@ -11,6 +11,15 @@ TSID is a C++ library for optimization-based inverse-dynamics control based on t
* On the [website of Andrea Del Prete](https://andreadelprete.github.io/#teaching) you can find slides and video lessons on TSID.
* [Memmo 2020 summer school](https://memory-of-motion.github.io/summer-school/)
## Installation with Conda
If you want to directly dive into TSID in Python, only one single line is sufficient (assuming you have Conda installed):
<p align="center">
conda install tsid -c conda-forge
## Installation from Debian/Ubuntu packages, with robotpkg
If you have never added robotpkg's software repository you can do it with the following commands:
......@@ -85,6 +94,7 @@ It includes key contributions from:
- [Noelie Ramuzat](https://github.com/NoelieRamuzat) (LAAS, CNRS)
- [Pierre Fernbach](https://github.com/pFernbach) (LAAS, CNRS)
- [Aurelie Bonnefoy](https://github.com/ABonnefoy) (LAAS, CNRS)
- [Etienne Arlaud](https://github.com/EtienneAr) (INRIA)
And is maintained by:
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