Commit cdf67af0 authored by Olivier Stasse's avatar Olivier Stasse
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[cmake] Cmake submodule

Removed tests
parent 824b74d2
[submodule "cmake"]
path = cmake
url =
Subproject commit d4feb8a5220b196a8375ca2ec5fa505272e82c33
<arg name="multi" default=""/>
<arg name="arm" default="True"/>
<arg name="end_effector" default="pal-hey5"/>
<arg name="ft_sensor" default="schunk-ft"/>
<arg name="laser_model" default="sick-571"/>
<arg name="camera_model" default="orbbec-astra"/>
<arg name="test_suffix" value="$(arg multi)_$(arg arm)_$(arg end_effector)_$(arg ft_sensor)_$(arg laser_model)_$(arg camera_model)"/>
<include file="$(find tiago_description)/robots/upload.launch" pass_all_args="true"/>
<include file="$(find urdf_test)/launch/test_urdf.launch">
<arg name="get_description" value="true"/>
<arg name="test_suffix" value="$(eval test_suffix.replace('-', '_'))"/>
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