Commit dc58b36f authored by Olivier Stasse's avatar Olivier Stasse
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Fixing trailing white spaces.

parent bc93f860
<!-- -*-xml-*-
Handle ROS simulation of the SoT.
<!-- Which robot are we controlling ? -->
<arg name="robot" default="pyrene" />
<arg name="libsot" default="" />
<include file="$(find sot_talos_bringup)/launch/geometric_simu_context.launch" >
<arg name="robot" value="$(arg robot)" />
<arg name="libsot" value="$(arg libsot)" />
<!-- Load Stack of Tasks. -->
<node machine="geometric_simu_machine"
args=" --input-file $(arg libsot)"
<param name="/sot/dg/geometric_simu" value="" />
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