Commit 1c9cdb21 authored by Olivier Stasse's avatar Olivier Stasse
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[development] Fix links to dashboard.

parent 7017fb0a
......@@ -22,19 +22,26 @@
github: sot-application
status: stable
- name: Soth
github: soth
- name: TSID
github: tsid
status: stable
- name: SoT Dyninv
github: sot-dyninv
- name: SoT Dynamic Pinocchio
github: sot-dynamic-pinocchio
status: stable
- name: SoT Pattern Generator
github: sot-pattern-generator
status: stable
- name: Sot Torque control
github: sot-torque-control
status: stable
- name: SoT Talos
github: sot-talos
status: stable
- name: SoT Tiago
github: sot-tiago
status: stable
......@@ -24,11 +24,15 @@ category: Development
{% if package.status == 'alpha' %}<sup>alpha</sup>{% endif %}
{% if package.status == 'beta' %}<sup>beta</sup>{% endif %}
<td id="{{ package.github }}-travis-status">n/a</td>
<td id="{{ package.github }}-build-status">
<a href="{{ package.github }}/pipelines">
<img src="{{ package.github }}/badges/master/pipeline.svg"
alt="Build Status" /></a>
<td id="{{ package.github }}-coveralls-status">
<a href="{{ package.github }}?branch=master">
<img src="{{ package.github }}/badge.png?branch=master"
alt="Coverage Status" />
alt="Coverage Status" /></a>
<td id="{{ package.github }}-issues">n/a</td>
<td id="{{ package.github }}-pr">n/a</td>
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