Commit 809abf65 authored by Olivier Stasse's avatar Olivier Stasse
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Temporary remove test because they are not properly written.

parent 6926974a
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...@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ IF(BUILD_PYTHON_INTERFACE) ...@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ IF(BUILD_PYTHON_INTERFACE)
) )
foreach(localtest ${LIST_OF_TESTS}) foreach(localtest ${LIST_OF_TESTS})
ADD_PYTHON_UNIT_TEST(${localtest} "unitTesting/${localtest}") # ADD_PYTHON_UNIT_TEST(${localtest} unitTesting/${localtest} "src")
endforeach() endforeach()
from dynamic_graph.sot.torque_control.tests.test_control_manager import cm from test_control_manager import cm
cm.displayRobotUtil() cm.displayRobotUtil()
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