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......@@ -53,3 +53,4 @@ You can find the full installation procedure in the <a href="md_doc_installation
Quick instructions on how to run a test can be found <a href="md_doc_running.html">here</a>.
Instructions for running a simulation or an experiment using the DDP on the right elbow of Pyrene can be found <a href="md_doc_ddpRun.html">here</a>.
# Running the DDP on the right elbow joint of Pyrene
In the following, we demonstrate how to run a test with sot-torque-control, <a href="">ddp-actuator-solver</a> and <a href="">talos-torque-control</a>.
## Start the simulation
Start the simulation with the robot in the half-sitting position:
roslaunch talos_data talos_gazebo.launch start_half_sitting:=true
If you are on the real robot just ignore this step.
## Start the SoT in torque mode
To start the SoT in simulation in torque mode:
roslaunch roscontrol_sot_talos sot_talos_controller_gazebo_effort.launch
To start the SoT on the real robot in torque mode:
roslaunch roscontrol_sot_talos sot_talos_controller_effort.launch
## Run the test
First of all, you need to go to the folder where your script is.
For running the ddp test of talos-torque-control, assuming you are in the root directory:
cd script
Then, you can just run the test, specifying that you are in simulation mode:
python simu
Or on the real robot:
python robot
This will launch the test making the robot executing a sinusoid with its right arm (on the elbow joint) using the DDP solver.
This one computes a trajectory avoiding the limits in position, velocity and torque of the robot.
The script also saves the dynamic graph in /tmp/sot_ddp_talos_effort.pdf.
You can add loads on the arm of the robot and see how it will react: by degrading the sinusoid movement of its elbow to respect its limits.
To make the loads taken into account by the DDP formulation you should use the following commands:
rosrun dynamic_graph_bridge run_command
robot.ddp_ctrl.setLoadParam(30.0,-0.021481595, 0.10)
It will add a load of 30kg at the coordinates (-0.021481595, 0.10) with respect to the elbow joint (10cm ahead on the arm from the joint, almost centered).
To remove the load just run:
## Other
More information on how to use the SoT and how to work on Talos can be found <a href="">in the robot wiki page</a> (you need LAAS permissions to access this).
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