Commit a3f45daf authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Joseph Mirabel

Minor change

parent f575668c
......@@ -32,17 +32,18 @@ class TaskFactory(ConstraintFactoryAbstract):
class Factory(GraphFactoryAbstract):
class State:
def __init__ (self, tasks, grasps, factory): = factory._stateName (grasps)
self.grasps = grasps
self.manifold = Manifold()
for ig, ih in idx_zip (grasps):
if ih is not None:
# Add task gripper_closed
# Add task gripper_close
self.manifold += tasks.g (factory.grippers[ig], factory.handles[ih], 'gripper_close')
# TODO If an object is grasped by two grippers, then we should add a task
# of relative position of the two grippers.
# Add task gripper_opened
# Add task gripper_open
self.manifold += tasks.g (factory.grippers[ig], None, 'gripper_open')
def __init__ (self, supervisor):
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