Commit 51a55f01 authored by Francois Keith's avatar Francois Keith
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Add the display method for normalization purposes.

This allows to do 'print solver' in the python interface.
The 'dispTask' method is kept for transition purpose.
parent 2d6e32c2
......@@ -256,6 +256,9 @@ namespace dynamicgraph
addCommand("dispStack", \
makeCommandVerbose(*this,&stack_t::display, \
docCommandVerbose("Guess what?"))); \
addCommand("display", \
makeCommandVerbose(*this,&stack_t::display, \
docCommandVerbose("display the list of tasks pushed inside the stack.")));\
addCommand("up", \
makeCommandVoid1(*this, \
(void (EntityClassName::*)(const std::string&)) \
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