Commit c8f53f9b authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Olivier Stasse
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Fix DynamicPinocchio destructor

parent 7349c38a
......@@ -233,11 +233,12 @@ DynamicPinocchio( const std::string & name)
DynamicPinocchio::~DynamicPinocchio( void ) {
// if (0!=m_model){ delete m_model; m_model=NULL;}
if (0!=m_data)
{ delete m_data; m_data=NULL; }
if (0!=m_model)
{ delete m_model; m_model=NULL; }
// TODO currently, m_model and m_data are pointers owned by the Python interpreter
// so we should not delete them.
// I (Joseph Mirabel) think it would be wiser to make them belong to this class but
// I do not know the impact it has.
//if (0!=m_data ) { delete m_data ; m_data =NULL; }
//if (0!=m_model) { delete m_model; m_model=NULL; }
for( std::list< SignalBase<int>* >::iterator iter = genericSignalRefs.begin();
iter != genericSignalRefs.end();
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