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Updage ChangeLog

parent 10bbaaeb
* Correct PROJECT_URL from jrl-umi3218 to stack-of-tasks
* Check that joint exists when creating an operational point
* Merge pull request #4 from bcoudrin/master
* Change Dynamic::CLASS_NAME in the shared lib
* Change lib name to sot-dynamic and dynamic plugin name to dynamic
* Dissociates dynamic lib and dynamic plugin
* Normalize the use of plugin path.
* Remove hrp2 reference.
* Remove the references to hrp2 in the documentation.
* Clean romeo script.
* Correct the path for the unit test.
* Synchronize
* Correct romeo sample script.
* Synchronize
* Directly use the plugin directory in the pkg-config file.
* [travis] Add missing python-numpy dependency
* Update
* Update
* [travis] Fix dependencies
* Update
* [travis] Add missing dependency
* Synchronize
* Remove unwanted files.
* [travis] Add Travis and support
* Update the kine_romeo sample.
* Add ZmpFromForces entity
* Move robot initialization parts to sot-application
* Add a simple kinematic test for the humanoid robot Romeo.
* Update lib installation path (multiarch portability).
* Synchronize
* Add signals for the maximal/minimal joint velocity/torques.
* Add parser class to create useful objects for humanoid robots.
* Remove headers from sot-dynamic.
* Remove install.
* Remove warnings
* Clean up references to hrp-2 and nao.
* Add the dependency in sot-tools.
* Do not import useless symbols
* Add comTask into dictionary tasks of class HumanoidRobot for compatibility
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