Commit db3c958e authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel

Update Sot::computeControlLaw to handle full postural task.

parent 470d4c99
......@@ -169,13 +169,14 @@ public: /* --- SIGNALS --- */
/*! \brief Intrinsec velocity of the robot, that is used to initialized
* the recurence of the SOT (e.g. velocity comming from the other
* the recurence of the SOT (e.g. velocity coming from the other
* OpenHRP plugins).
SignalPtr<dg::Vector, int> q0SIN;
/*! \brief A matrix K whose columns are a base of the desired velocity.
* In other words, \f$ \dot{q} = K * u \f$ where \f$ u \f$ is the free
* parameter to be computed.
* \note K should be an orthonormal matrix.
SignalPtr<dg::Matrix, int> proj0SIN;
/*! \brief This signal allow to change the threshold for the
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