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sot-core: python bindings documentation
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
Python module dynamic_graph.sot implements bindings for sot-core_ library. To each main C++ class is associated a Python class. Main classes, defined in submodules and are listed below.
.. automodule:: dynamic_graph.sot
.. automodule:: dynamic_graph.sot.core
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.robot_simu.RobotSimu
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.vector_constant.VectorConstant
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.matrix_constant.MatrixConstant
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.derivator.Derivator_of_Vector
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.feature_point6d.FeaturePoint6d
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.feature_point6d_relative.FeaturePoint6dRelative
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.feature_generic.FeatureGeneric
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.feature_joint_limits.FeatureJointLimits
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.task.Task
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.constraint.Constraint
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.gain_adaptive.GainAdaptive
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.sot.SOT
.. autoclass:: dynamic_graph.sot.core.feature_position.FeaturePosition
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* :ref:`genindex`
* :ref:`modindex`
* :ref:`search`
.. _sot-core: file:../doxygen-html/index.html
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