Commit 92c68a4a authored by Noëlie Ramuzat's avatar Noëlie Ramuzat Committed by Olivier Stasse
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[tools] Add HandUtil structure to Robot-utils

Create the HandUtil structure similar to FootUtil to get the information of the hands. 
From the code of Paul Dandignac.
parent 935f2a1e
......@@ -263,6 +263,234 @@ namespace dynamicgraph {
typedef boost::shared_ptr<RobotUtil> RobotUtilShrPtr;
RobotUtilShrPtr RefVoidRobotUtil();
ForceLimits(const Eigen::VectorXd& l, const Eigen::VectorXd& u):
void display(std::ostream &os) const;
struct SOT_CORE_EXPORT ForceUtil
std::map<Index,ForceLimits> m_force_id_to_limits;
std::map<std::string,Index> m_name_to_force_id;
std::map<Index,std::string> m_force_id_to_name;
Index m_Force_Id_Left_Hand, m_Force_Id_Right_Hand,
m_Force_Id_Left_Foot, m_Force_Id_Right_Foot;
void set_name_to_force_id(const std::string & name,
const Index &force_id);
void set_force_id_to_limits(const Index &force_id,
const dg::Vector &lf,
const dg::Vector &uf);
void create_force_id_to_name_map();
Index get_id_from_name(const std::string &name);
const std::string & get_name_from_id(Index idx);
std::string cp_get_name_from_id(Index idx);
const ForceLimits & get_limits_from_id(Index force_id);
ForceLimits cp_get_limits_from_id(Index force_id);
Index get_force_id_left_hand()
return m_Force_Id_Left_Hand;
void set_force_id_left_hand(Index anId)
m_Force_Id_Left_Hand = anId;
Index get_force_id_right_hand()
return m_Force_Id_Right_Hand;
void set_force_id_right_hand( Index anId)
m_Force_Id_Right_Hand = anId;
Index get_force_id_left_foot()
return m_Force_Id_Left_Foot;
void set_force_id_left_foot(Index anId)
m_Force_Id_Left_Foot = anId;
Index get_force_id_right_foot()
return m_Force_Id_Right_Foot;
void set_force_id_right_foot( Index anId)
m_Force_Id_Right_Foot = anId;
void display(std::ostream & out) const;
}; // struct ForceUtil
struct SOT_CORE_EXPORT FootUtil
/// Position of the foot soles w.r.t. the frame of the foot
dynamicgraph::Vector m_Right_Foot_Sole_XYZ;
/// Position of the force/torque sensors w.r.t. the frame of the hosting link
dynamicgraph::Vector m_Right_Foot_Force_Sensor_XYZ;
std::string m_Left_Foot_Frame_Name;
std::string m_Right_Foot_Frame_Name;
void display(std::ostream & os) const;
struct SOT_CORE_EXPORT HandUtil
std::string m_Left_Hand_Frame_Name;
std::string m_Right_Hand_Frame_Name;
void display(std::ostream & os) const;
struct SOT_CORE_EXPORT RobotUtil
/// Forces data
ForceUtil m_force_util;
/// Foot information
FootUtil m_foot_util;
/// Hand information
HandUtil m_hand_util;
/// Map from the urdf index to the SoT index.
std::vector<Index> m_urdf_to_sot;
/// Nb of Dofs for the robot.
long unsigned int m_nbJoints;
/// Map from the name to the id.
std::map<std::string,Index> m_name_to_id;
/// The map between id and name
std::map<Index,std::string> m_id_to_name;
/// The joint limits map.
std::map<Index,JointLimits> m_limits_map;
/// The name of the joint IMU is attached to
std::string m_imu_joint_name;
/// This method creates the map between id and name.
/// It is called each time a new link between id and name is inserted
/// (i.e. when set_name_to_id is called).
void create_id_to_name_map();
/// URDF file path
std::string m_urdf_filename;
dynamicgraph::Vector m_dgv_urdf_to_sot;
/** Given a joint name it finds the associated joint id.
* If the specified joint name is not found it returns -1;
* @param name Name of the joint to find.
* @return The id of the specified joint, -1 if not found. */
const Index get_id_from_name(const std::string &name);
/** Given a joint id it finds the associated joint name.
* If the specified joint is not found it returns "Joint name not found";
* @param id Id of the joint to find.
* @return The name of the specified joint, "Joint name not found" if not found. */
/// Get the joint name from its index
const std::string & get_name_from_id(Index id);
/// Set relation between the name and the SoT id
void set_name_to_id(const std::string &jointName,
const Index & jointId);
/// Set the map between urdf index and sot index
void set_urdf_to_sot(const std::vector<Index> &urdf_to_sot);
void set_urdf_to_sot(const dg::Vector &urdf_to_sot);
/// Set the limits (lq,uq) for joint idx
void set_joint_limits_for_id(const Index &idx,
const double &lq,
const double &uq);
bool joints_urdf_to_sot(ConstRefVector q_urdf, RefVector q_sot);
bool joints_sot_to_urdf(ConstRefVector q_sot, RefVector q_urdf);
bool velocity_urdf_to_sot(ConstRefVector q_urdf,
ConstRefVector v_urdf, RefVector v_sot);
bool velocity_sot_to_urdf(ConstRefVector q_urdf,
ConstRefVector v_sot, RefVector v_urdf);
bool config_urdf_to_sot(ConstRefVector q_urdf, RefVector q_sot);
bool config_sot_to_urdf(ConstRefVector q_sot, RefVector q_urdf);
bool base_urdf_to_sot(ConstRefVector q_urdf, RefVector q_sot);
bool base_sot_to_urdf(ConstRefVector q_sot, RefVector q_urdf);
/** Given a joint id it finds the associated joint limits.
* If the specified joint is not found it returns JointLimits(0,0).
* @param id Id of the joint to find.
* @return The limits of the specified joint, JointLimits(0,0) if not found. */
const JointLimits & get_joint_limits_from_id(Index id);
JointLimits cp_get_joint_limits_from_id(Index id);
/** \name Logger related methods */
/** \{*/
/// \brief Send messages \param msg with level t. Add string file and line to message.
void sendMsg(const std::string &msg,
const char *file="",
int line=0);
/// \brief Specify the verbosity level of the logger.
void setLoggerVerbosityLevel(LoggerVerbosity lv)
/// \brief Get the logger's verbosity level.
LoggerVerbosity getLoggerVerbosityLevel()
return logger_.getVerbosity();
void display(std::ostream &os) const;
Logger logger_;
}; // struct RobotUtil
RobotUtil * RefVoidRobotUtil();
>>>>>>> [tools] Add HandUtil structure to Robot-utils
RobotUtilShrPtr getRobotUtil(std::string &robotName);
bool isNameInRobotUtil(std::string &robotName);
......@@ -48,6 +48,14 @@ namespace dynamicgraph
os << "Right Foot Frame Name:" << m_Right_Foot_Frame_Name << std::endl;
/******************** HandUtil ***************************/
void HandUtil::display(std::ostream &os) const
os << "Left Hand Frame Name:" << m_Left_Hand_Frame_Name << std::endl;
os << "Right Hand Frame Name:" << m_Right_Hand_Frame_Name << std::endl;
/******************** ForceUtil ***************************/
void ForceUtil::set_name_to_force_id(const std::string &name,
......@@ -403,6 +411,7 @@ namespace dynamicgraph
os << "Nb of joints: " << m_nbJoints << std::endl;
os << "Urdf file name: " << m_urdf_filename << std::endl;
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