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Change log parser name + add doc in README

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...@@ -126,9 +126,9 @@ pkg_config_use_dependency(rcsot_controller urdfdom) ...@@ -126,9 +126,9 @@ pkg_config_use_dependency(rcsot_controller urdfdom)
## Mark executables and/or libraries for installation ## Mark executables and/or libraries for installation
install(TARGETS rcsot_controller DESTINATION lib ) install(TARGETS rcsot_controller DESTINATION lib )
ADD_EXECUTABLE(roscontrol_sot_parse_log ADD_EXECUTABLE(roscontrol-sot-parse-log
src/ src/
install(TARGETS roscontrol_sot_parse_log DESTINATION bin ) install(TARGETS roscontrol-sot-parse-log DESTINATION bin )
foreach(dir config launch) foreach(dir config launch)
install(DIRECTORY ${dir} install(DIRECTORY ${dir}
...@@ -66,5 +66,7 @@ using the __control_mode__ variable: ...@@ -66,5 +66,7 @@ using the __control_mode__ variable:
control_mode: EFFORT control_mode: EFFORT
``` ```
# Logging
Logs of the last 5 minutes are written in `/tmp/sot.log-*` in binary format.
Use command `roscontrol-sot-parse-log /tmp/sot.log-duration.. > txtformat` to get the clear text version.
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