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Fix logs and add test

  The duration of each iteration was not logged in the line corresponding to
  the other data. The bug has been fixed and a test has been added to check
  the good functioning of the circular buffer.
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......@@ -143,36 +143,36 @@ void Log::save(std::string &fileName) {
assert(lref_ == lrefts_*profileLog_.nbDofs);
std::string suffix("-mastate.log");
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.motor_angle, profileLog_.nbDofs, lref_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.motor_angle, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-jastate.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.joint_angle, profileLog_.nbDofs, lref_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.joint_angle, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-vstate.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.velocities, profileLog_.nbDofs, lref_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.velocities, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-torques.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.torques, profileLog_.nbDofs, lref_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.torques, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-motor-currents.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.motor_currents, profileLog_.nbDofs, lref_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.motor_currents, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-accelero.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.accelerometer, 3, 3*lrefts_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.accelerometer, 3);
suffix = "-gyro.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.gyrometer, 3, 3*lrefts_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.gyrometer, 3);
ostringstream oss;
oss << "-forceSensors.log";
suffix = oss.str();
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.force_sensors,
6 * profileLog_.nbForceSensors,
6 * profileLog_.nbForceSensors * lrefts_);
if (profileLog_.nbForceSensors > 0) {
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.force_sensors,
6 * profileLog_.nbForceSensors);
suffix = "-temperatures.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.temperatures, profileLog_.nbDofs,
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.temperatures, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-controls.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.controls, profileLog_.nbDofs, lref_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.controls, profileLog_.nbDofs);
suffix = "-duration.log";
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.duration, 1, lrefts_);
saveVector(fileName, suffix, StoredData_.duration, 1);
inline void writeHeaderToBinaryBuffer(ofstream &of, const std::size_t &nVector,
......@@ -190,8 +190,7 @@ inline void writeToBinaryFile(ofstream &of, const double &t, const double &dt,
void Log::saveVector(std::string &fileName, std::string &suffix,
const std::vector<double> &avector, std::size_t size,
std::size_t start) {
const std::vector<double> &avector, std::size_t size) {
ostringstream oss;
oss << fileName;
oss << suffix.c_str();
......@@ -206,7 +205,7 @@ void Log::saveVector(std::string &fileName, std::string &suffix,
writeHeaderToBinaryBuffer(aof, profileLog_.length, size + 2);
for (unsigned long int i = 0; i < profileLog_.length; i++) {
std::size_t k = (start + i) % profileLog_.length;
std::size_t k = i % profileLog_.length;
// Compute and save dt
if (i == 0) {
......@@ -76,13 +76,11 @@ private:
// Save one vector of information.
// \param size number of contiguous values of avector that forms one line.
// \param start index in the time vector at which saving should start.
// \note avector is a circular buffer. Data will be written from
// start to N, and then from 0 to start.
void saveVector(std::string &filename, std::string &suffix,
const std::vector<double> &avector,
std::size_t size,
std::size_t start);
std::size_t size);
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(sot-test-log rcsot_controller)
ADD_PYTHON_UNIT_TEST("py-test-log" "tests/" "python")
#include <cmath>
#include "../src/log.hh"
#define BOOST_TEST_MODULE hpp_constraints
#include <boost/test/included/unit_test.hpp>
rc_sot_system::DataToLog DataOneIter;
rc_sot_system::ProfileLog profileLog;
rc_sot_system::Log RcSotLog;
std::size_t nbDofs(6);
profileLog.nbDofs = nbDofs;
profileLog.length = 1;
profileLog.nbForceSensors = 0;
// Length of the buffer
profileLog.length = 100;
for (std::size_t i=0; i<250; ++i){
for (std::size_t j=0; j<nbDofs; ++j){
DataOneIter.motor_angle[j] = DataOneIter.joint_angle[j] =
DataOneIter.velocities[j] = DataOneIter.torques[j] =
DataOneIter.motor_currents[j] = DataOneIter.temperatures[j] =
DataOneIter.controls[j] = (double)(i+j);
std::string filename("./test.log");;
import unittest
import subprocess
import csv
# This file tests the output of executable sot-test-log compiled from
# tests/
# Logs are saved in binary format in file "build/tests/test.log-vstate.log",
# then converted in ascii in file "test.log-vstate-ascii.log" and then
# compared to the expected values.
class TestLog(unittest.TestCase):
def test_log(self):"./sot-test-log")
res =["../roscontrol-sot-parse-log",
"test.log-vstate.log"], capture_output=True,
text = True)
with open('./test.log-vstate-ascii.log', 'w') as f:
with open('./test.log-vstate-ascii.log', 'r') as f:
r = csv.reader(f, delimiter=' ')
for i, line in enumerate(r):
self.assertEqual(len(line), 9)
data = list(map(float, line[:8]))
# latest data between 200 and 250
if i < 50:
self.assertEqual(data[2], i+200)
self.assertEqual(data[3], i+201)
self.assertEqual(data[4], i+202)
self.assertEqual(data[5], i+203)
self.assertEqual(data[6], i+204)
self.assertEqual(data[7], i+205)
# data between 150 and 200
self.assertEqual(data[2], i+100)
self.assertEqual(data[3], i+101)
self.assertEqual(data[4], i+102)
self.assertEqual(data[5], i+103)
self.assertEqual(data[6], i+104)
self.assertEqual(data[7], i+105)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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