Verified Commit deb9ed3b authored by Justin Carpentier's avatar Justin Carpentier
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python: update addFrame signature

parent be8b5369
......@@ -95,6 +95,8 @@ namespace pinocchio
typedef typename Model::VectorXs VectorXs;
/* --- Exposing C++ API to python through the handler ----------------- */
......@@ -189,7 +191,10 @@ namespace pinocchio
.def("existFrame",&Model::existFrame,existFrame_overload(bp::args("self","name","type"),"Returns true if the frame given by its name exists inside the Model with the given type."))
.def("addFrame",(std::size_t (Model::*)(const Frame &)) &Model::addFrame,bp::args("self","frame"),"Add a frame to the vector of frames.")
addFrame_overload((bp::arg("self"), bp::arg("frame"), bp::arg("append_inertia") = true),
"Add a frame to the vector of frames. If append_inertia set to True, "
"the inertia value contained in frame will be added to the inertia supported by the parent joint."))
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