Verified Commit d8b268f0 authored by Justin Carpentier's avatar Justin Carpentier
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core/geometry: remove redundant GeomIndexList

parent 83a586e9
......@@ -231,19 +231,17 @@ namespace pinocchio
PairIndex collisionPairIndex;
typedef std::vector<GeomIndex> GeomIndexList;
/// \brief Map over vector GeomModel::geometryObjects, indexed by joints.
/// The map lists the collision GeometryObjects associated to a given joint Id.
/// Inner objects can be seen as geometry objects that directly move when the associated joint moves
std::map < JointIndex, GeomIndexList > innerObjects;
std::map<JointIndex,GeomIndexList> innerObjects;
/// \brief A list of associated collision GeometryObjects to a given joint Id
/// Outer objects can be seen as geometry objects that may often be
/// obstacles to the Inner objects of given joint
std::map < JointIndex, GeomIndexList > outerObjects;
std::map<JointIndex,GeomIndexList> outerObjects;
GeometryData(const GeometryModel & geomModel);
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