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......@@ -31,12 +31,13 @@ If you want to learn more on **Pinocchio** internal behaviors and main features,
- forward kinematics and its analytical derivatives,
- forward/inverse dynamics and their analytical derivatives,
- centroidal dynamics and its analytical derivatives.
- centroidal dynamics and its analytical derivatives,
- and much more with the support of Automatic Differentiation with [CppAD](https://github.com/coin-or/CppAD) or [CASADI](https://web.casadi.org/).
**Pinocchio** is flexible:
- header only,
- C++98/03/11/14/17/20 compliant.
- C++ 98/03/11/14/17/20 compliant.
**Pinocchio** is multi-thread friendly.
**Pinocchio** is reliable and extensively tested (unit-tests, simulations and real robotics applications).
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