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[Data] Introduce the notion of dense {Config,Tangent} vectors

parent ce75c018
......@@ -67,6 +67,13 @@ namespace se3
typedef Eigen::Matrix<Scalar,Eigen::Dynamic,1,Options> VectorXs;
typedef Eigen::Matrix<Scalar,3,1,Options> Vector3;
/// \brief Dense vectorized version of a joint configuration vector.
typedef VectorXs ConfigVectorType;
/// \brief Dense vectorized version of a joint tangent vector (e.g. velocity, acceleration, etc).
/// It also handles the notion of co-tangent vector (e.g. torque, etc).
typedef VectorXs TangentVectorType;
/// \brief The 6d jacobian type (temporary)
typedef Eigen::Matrix<Scalar,6,Eigen::Dynamic,Options> Matrix6x;
/// \brief The 3d jacobian type (temporary)
......@@ -115,7 +122,7 @@ namespace se3
container::aligned_vector<SE3> liMi;
/// \brief Vector of joint torques (dim model.nv).
VectorXs tau;
TangentVectorType tau;
/// \brief Vector of Non Linear Effects (dim model.nv). It corresponds to concatenation of the Coriolis, centrifugal and gravitational effects.
/// \note In the multibody dynamics equation \f$ M\ddot{q} + b(q, \dot{q}) = \tau \f$,
......@@ -183,14 +190,14 @@ namespace se3
RowMatrix6 M6tmpR;
/// \brief The joint accelerations computed from ABA
VectorXs ddq;
TangentVectorType ddq;
// ABA internal data
/// \brief Inertia matrix of the subtree expressed as dense matrix [ABA]
container::aligned_vector<typename Inertia::Matrix6> Yaba; // TODO: change with dense symmetric matrix6
/// \brief Intermediate quantity corresponding to apparent torque [ABA]
VectorXs u; // Joint Inertia
TangentVectorType u; // Joint Inertia
// CCRBA return quantities
/// \brief Centroidal Momentum Matrix
......@@ -316,7 +323,7 @@ namespace se3
VectorXs torque_residual;
/// \brief Generalized velocity after impact.
VectorXs dq_after;
TangentVectorType dq_after;
/// \brief Lagrange Multipliers corresponding to the contact impulses in se3::impulseDynamics.
VectorXs impulse_c;
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