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multibody: add option to addFrame append_inertia when adding a Frame

parent 213904b7
......@@ -528,10 +528,12 @@ namespace pinocchio
/// The inertia stored within the frame will be happened to the inertia supported by the joint (frame.parent).
/// \param[in] frame The frame to add to the kinematic tree.
/// \param[in] append_inertia Append the inertia contained in the Frame to the inertia supported by the joint.
/// \return Returns the index of the frame if it has been successfully added or if it already exists in the kinematic tree.
FrameIndex addFrame(const Frame & frame);
FrameIndex addFrame(const Frame & frame,
const bool append_inertia = true);
/// \brief Check the validity of the attributes of Model with respect to the specification of some
......@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ namespace pinocchio
template<typename Scalar, int Options, template<typename,int> class JointCollectionTpl>
inline typename ModelTpl<Scalar,Options,JointCollectionTpl>::FrameIndex
addFrame(const Frame & frame)
addFrame(const Frame & frame, const bool append_inertia)
PINOCCHIO_CHECK_INPUT_ARGUMENT(frame.parent < (JointIndex)njoints,
"The index of the parent frame is not valid.");
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ namespace pinocchio
return getFrameId(,frame.type);
// if(frame.inertia.mass() > Scalar(0))
inertias[frame.parent] += frame.placement.act(frame.inertia);
return FrameIndex(nframes - 1);
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