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[examples][reduced-model] Load urdf directly

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import pinocchio as pin
from pinocchio.robot_wrapper import RobotWrapper
import example_robot_data
import numpy as np
import os
# Goal: Build a reduced model from an existing URDF model by fixing the desired joints at a specified position.
# Load UR robot arm
robot = example_robot_data.loadUR()
modelPath = os.path.join(os.environ.get('HOME'), "Dev")
URDF_FILENAME = "ur5_robot.urdf"
URDF_SUBPATH = "/ur_description/urdf/" + URDF_FILENAME
robot = RobotWrapper.BuildFromURDF(modelPath + URDF_SUBPATH, [modelPath])
# Check dimensions of the original model
print('standard model: dim=' + str(len(robot.model.joints)))
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