Verified Commit aac17e4e authored by Justin Carpentier's avatar Justin Carpentier
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algo/jacobians: add translateJointJacobian helper

parent fec9c9dd
......@@ -120,6 +120,33 @@ namespace pinocchio
namespace details
template<typename Scalar, int Options, typename Matrix6xLikeIn, typename Matrix6xLikeOut>
void translateJointJacobian(const SE3Tpl<Scalar,Options> & placement,
const Eigen::MatrixBase<Matrix6xLikeIn> & Jin,
const Eigen::MatrixBase<Matrix6xLikeOut> & Jout)
PINOCCHIO_CHECK_INPUT_ARGUMENT(Jin.cols() == Jout.cols());
Matrix6xLikeOut & Jout_ = PINOCCHIO_EIGEN_CONST_CAST(Matrix6xLikeOut,Jout);
typedef typename Matrix6xLikeIn::ConstColXpr ConstColXprIn;
typedef const MotionRef<ConstColXprIn> MotionIn;
typedef typename Matrix6xLikeOut::ColXpr ColXprOut;
typedef MotionRef<ColXprOut> MotionOut;
for(Eigen::DenseIndex j=0; j < Jin.cols(); ++j)
MotionIn v_in(Jin.col(j));
MotionOut v_out(Jout_.col(j));
v_out = v_in;
v_out.linear() -= placement.translation().cross(v_in.angular());
template<typename Scalar, int Options, template<typename,int> class JointCollectionTpl, typename Matrix6xLikeIn, typename Matrix6xLikeOut>
void translateJointJacobian(const ModelTpl<Scalar,Options,JointCollectionTpl> & model,
const DataTpl<Scalar,Options,JointCollectionTpl> & data,
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