Commit a95e9c63 authored by jcarpent's avatar jcarpent
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[Spatial] Fix bug due to GCC in Inertia operator vxI

parent 96d945e5
......@@ -408,7 +408,8 @@ namespace se3
//// Block 2,2
skewSquare(-v.linear(),mc,Iout_.template block<3,3>(ANGULAR,ANGULAR));
typename Symmetric3::AlphaSkewSquare mcxcx(I.mass(),I.lever());
const Symmetric3 I_mcxcx(I.inertia() - mcxcx);
// const Symmetric3 I_mcxcx(I.inertia() - mcxcx);
Symmetric3 I_mcxcx(I.inertia()); I_mcxcx -= mcxcx;
Iout_.template block<3,3>(ANGULAR,ANGULAR) += I_mcxcx.vxs(v.angular());
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