Commit a6bf928b authored by Francois Keith's avatar Francois Keith
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Fix bug in urdf parsing (win32+debug)

Since model.frames is resized (maybe moved ?), the reference parent_frame is
no longer valid. Copying it before this change prevent the bug
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......@@ -202,12 +202,13 @@ namespace pinocchio
const std::string & body_name)
const Frame & parent_frame = model.frames[parent_frame_id];
const JointIndex parent_frame_parent = parent_frame.parent;
const SE3 placement = parent_frame.placement * joint_placement;
FrameIndex fid = model.addFrame(Frame(joint_name, parent_frame.parent, parent_frame_id,
placement, FIXED_JOINT, Y));
model.addBodyFrame(body_name, parent_frame.parent, placement, (int)fid);
model.addBodyFrame(body_name, parent_frame_parent, placement, (int)fid);
void appendBodyToJoint(
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