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examples: add collision example in C++

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# Copyright (c) 2015-2019 CNRS INRIA
# Copyright (c) 2015-2020 CNRS INRIA
......@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@ SET(${PROJECT_NAME}_EXAMPLES
// write cpp example here
#include "pinocchio/parsers/urdf.hpp"
#include "pinocchio/parsers/srdf.hpp"
#include "pinocchio/multibody/data.hpp"
#include "pinocchio/algorithm/joint-configuration.hpp"
#include "pinocchio/algorithm/geometry.hpp"
#include <iostream>
// PINOCCHIO_MODEL_DIR is defined by the CMake but you can define your own modeldirectory here.
#define PINOCCHIO_MODEL_DIR "path_to_the_model_dir"
int main(int /*argc*/, char ** /*argv*/)
using namespace pinocchio;
const std::string robots_model_path = PINOCCHIO_MODEL_DIR + std::string("/others/robots/");
// You should change here to set up your own URDF file
const std::string urdf_filename = robots_model_path + std::string("talos_data/urdf/talos_reduced.urdf");
// You should change here to set up your own SRDF file
const std::string srdf_filename = robots_model_path + std::string("talos_data/srdf/talos.srdf");
// Load the URDF model contained in urdf_filename
Model model;
// Build the data associated to the model
Data data(model);
// Load the geometries associated to model which are contained in the URDF file
GeometryModel geom_model;
pinocchio::urdf::buildGeom(model, urdf_filename, pinocchio::COLLISION, geom_model, robots_model_path);
// Add all possible collision pairs and remove the ones collected in the SRDF file
pinocchio::srdf::removeCollisionPairs(model, geom_model, srdf_filename);
// Build the data associated to the geom_model
GeometryData geom_data(geom_model); // contained the intermediate computations, like the placement of all the geometries with respect to the world frame
// Load the reference configuration of the robots (this one should be collision free)
pinocchio::srdf::loadReferenceConfigurations(model,srdf_filename); // the reference configuratio stored in the SRDF file is called half_sitting
const Model::ConfigVectorType & q = model.referenceConfigurations["half_sitting"];
// And test all the collision pairs
// Print the status of all the collision pairs
for(size_t k = 0; k < geom_model.collisionPairs.size(); ++k)
const CollisionPair & cp = geom_model.collisionPairs[k];
const hpp::fcl::CollisionResult & cr = geom_data.collisionResults[k];
std::cout << "collision pair: " << cp.first << " , " << cp.second << " - collision: ";
std::cout << (cr.isCollision() ? "yes" : "no") << std::endl;
// If you want to stop as soon as a collision is encounter, just add false for the final default argument stopAtFirstCollision
// And if you to check only one collision pair, e.g. the third one, at the neutral element of the Configuration Space of the robot
const PairIndex pair_id = 2;
const Model::ConfigVectorType q_neutral = neutral(model);
updateGeometryPlacements(model, data, geom_model, geom_data, q_neutral); // performs a forward kinematics over the whole kinematics model + update the placement of all the geometries contained inside geom_model
computeCollision(geom_model, geom_data, pair_id);
return 0;
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