Commit 9435377b authored by Gabriele Buondonno's avatar Gabriele Buondonno
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[unittest/python] Test isNormalized

parent cfbc620c
......@@ -16,8 +16,15 @@ class TestJointsAlgo(TestCase):
def test_basic(self):
model = self.model
q_ones = np.ones((model.nq))
self.assertFalse(pin.isNormalized(model, q_ones))
self.assertFalse(pin.isNormalized(model, q_ones, 1e-8))
self.assertTrue(pin.isNormalized(model, q_ones, 1e2))
q_rand = np.random.rand((model.nq))
q_rand = pin.normalize(model,q_rand)
self.assertTrue(pin.isNormalized(model, q_rand))
self.assertTrue(pin.isNormalized(model, q_rand, 1e-8))
self.assertTrue(abs(np.linalg.norm(q_rand[3:7])-1.) <= 1e-8)
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