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example: add kinematics-derivatives in C++

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...@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ SET(${PROJECT_NAME}_EXAMPLES ...@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ SET(${PROJECT_NAME}_EXAMPLES
interpolation-SE3 interpolation-SE3
build-reduced-model build-reduced-model
geometry-models geometry-models
) )
#include "pinocchio/parsers/urdf.hpp"
#include "pinocchio/algorithm/joint-configuration.hpp"
#include "pinocchio/algorithm/kinematics-derivatives.hpp"
#include <iostream>
// PINOCCHIO_MODEL_DIR is defined by the CMake but you can define your own directory here.
#define PINOCCHIO_MODEL_DIR "path_to_the_model_dir"
int main(int argc, char ** argv)
using namespace pinocchio;
// You should change here to set up your own URDF file or just pass it as an argument of this example.
const std::string urdf_filename = (argc<=1) ? PINOCCHIO_MODEL_DIR + std::string("/others/robots/ur_description/urdf/ur5_robot.urdf") : argv[1];
// Load the URDF model
Model model;
// Build a data related to model
Data data(model);
// Sample a random joint configuration as well as random joint velocity and acceleration
Eigen::VectorXd q = randomConfiguration(model);
Eigen::VectorXd v = Eigen::VectorXd(model.nv);
Eigen::VectorXd a = Eigen::VectorXd(model.nv);
// Computes the kinematics derivatives for all the joints of the robot
computeForwardKinematicsDerivatives(model, data, q, v, a);
// Retrieve the kinematics derivatives of a specific joint, expressed in the LOCAL frame of the joints.
JointIndex joint_id = (JointIndex)(model.njoints-1);
Data::Matrix6x v_partial_dq(6,model.nv), a_partial_dq(6,model.nv), a_partial_dv(6,model.nv), a_partial_da(6,model.nv);
a_partial_dq.setZero(); a_partial_dv.setZero(); a_partial_da.setZero();
// Remark: we are not directly computing the quantity v_partial_dv as it is also equal to a_partial_da.
// But we can also expressed the same quantities in the frame centered on the end-effector joint, but expressed in the axis aligned with the world frame.
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